Venture into a fully immersive theatrical maze with some of England’s most notorious characters including Jack the Ripper, William Wallace and so many more. You will see, hear and even smell what London Bridge was like throughout it’s dark history!


Become part of London’s thick history and travel back in time with notorious English characters including Jack the Ripper, The Head Snatcher, Sir John Rennie, William Wallace and many more. As you journey through the bridges past you will uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most haunted bridge. You will see, hear and smell what London Bridge was like throughout the ages.


For our younger guests If the little ones or the class want to experience the Tombs but are a little too scared please ask our guides at the entrance of the Tombs for our Guardian Angel tour. They will be taken ahead of the rest of the group, get to experience the sights and sounds of London Tombs but none of our mad detainees will scare them or chase them so they can still enjoy the full experience without worrying about being scared.

Please note that this is designed for school groups and the under 11s.