Bloody 'ell

An immersive theatrical experience of the history of the London Bridge, followed by a terrifying scare maze in the tombs - history, horror, education and fun

The experience

Part 1: Uncover the dark history of London Bridge with a truly immersive guided tour of the world’s most haunted bridge

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The tombs

Part 2: Descend into the haunted bowels of London Bridge as you make your way through this unimaginable scare maze

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Creams dessert parlour now open at the London Bridge Experience

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Awards & Recognitions

Best Guided Tour
Winner of the Best Guided Tour Group Leisure Awards
Nominee for Best Attraction for Group Visits
Nominee for Best Attraction for Group Visits Group Travel Awards
Top horror attraction in the world
Winner of the top horror attraction in the world Worldwide Attraction Awards
Nominee for Best UK Attraction
Nominee for Best UK Attraction Group Leisure Award
sUK's Scariest Attraction
Winner of the UK's Scariest Attraction for 8 years in a row
School Travel Awards
School Travel Award Best Venue for History Learning – Finalist 2017/18


Can you think of a more thrilling and fun way to give youngsters a history lesson they’ll actually pay attention to? Drenched in history, The London Bridge Experience showcases the sights, sounds and even the smells of what the landmark was like throughout the centuries. Who said education couldn’t be lots of fun?

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School Panel 02


Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, we have something wicked in store for you… We now host events within our historic grounds and haunted walls. Think zombies serving canapés, shots served in test tubes and watching your guests scream their way through the London Tombs – our parties will leave you all buzzing with (alcohol induced) fear.

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Jack Panel


Come in a group of friends, family or colleagues and experience the thrill and frights together!

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